One of the biggest concerns is budget. Not necessarily in determining a final number, but who will be paying for it. The important thing is to set a budget from the start and stick to it.

Other frustrations include:

  • Finalizing a guest list. This goes along with budget, too, since the guest list can be the biggest factor in how large (or small) your budget is.
  • Planning in general. A wedding is (usually) the first large-scale event you’ll plan, so it’s hard to know what all is involved. Use a wedding planner, or allow yourself time to understand that it takes time and patience to plan and organize the event.
  • Taking on too much. DIY can help save money, sometimes, but most of the time it can create a huge headache.
  • Time management. Space out the things you need to get done in your planning process. And, don’t wait until the last minute.