Planning a wedding during COVID-19 will be a new challenge for many couples hoping to get married within the next 12-24 months. Many couples have been forced to postpone and re-imagine what their weddings will, or could look like due to the coronavirus pandemic. First of all, we want you to know that you are not alone!  Fusion Events is keeping a close eye on the almost daily changes and updates happening in the events and hospitality industries. As thousands of couples are forced to postpone including many of our own clients, we want to share some industry insight into what the future of weddings may look like in hopes that it helps you with planning your upcoming wedding, what to potentially expect and what the future of weddings may look like. So, here we go:

Physical Distancing

We predict that physical distancing will be a norm in weddings at least until the summer of 2021 if not later or until a vaccine or quick test can be developed. Some updates we can expect as a result of physical distancing are:

  • Smaller tables with family pods. No longer will you assign seats based on relationships. Seating will be arranged by family households or established family bubbles. 
  • Line ups – expect hosts or venue personnel to be managing crowds for things like coat checks. washrooms, food stations, bars etc.
  • Floor Signage – we will see entrances and exits become one way only and floor decals to indicate directions you can travel.
  • Dancing – For those that want to have dancing as part of the celebration we can expect to see dancefloors marked with positions 6ft apart and everyone stays in their section. For this reason line dancing may see a surge in popularity as it’s a dance that can be done together but with safe distance.