Whether you are the sister of the bride or a bridesmaid at a wedding, why wear your outfits the same old traditional way? There are so many new ways to infuse freshness and make your bridesmaid look pop, and here are 5 easy peasy ones which we found that can just help your outfit look trendier and chic, and you’ll find that all of them are pretty doable!

Drape the pallu and add a belt to your Kanjeevaram

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Such a simple hack, but escalates the look and makes it stand out so much! 

Or simply cinch it with a belt

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A simple waist belt over a saree with a fancy buckle can add so much more trendiness to the look! This works well with the lighter sarees and kanjivarams too.

Look through some rose tinted glasses!

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Adding rose tinted glasses or Lennons over a saree is one look a lot of bridesmaids are rocking these days, and it does look pretty trendy!

Add a chic hair accessory

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A hairband like this one can really help elevate your bridesmaid look at just about any function!

Put a shirt on it and knot the dupatta

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We really liked this way of styling of the lehenga! Tie a shirt and knot it up with a shirt- would really make the look pop! 

Pick a ponytail

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A trendy hairdo or a ponytail is something that looks good with just about any Indian outfit as well. Makes it pop and how!