1. Determine the guest list
Who are your party people? Pop them on the list!
Based on the initial step, choose guests that are going to be available in the party. The guest of
honor should of course be an important consideration, after all the party is for them. Consider their
age, likes and dislikes and attention span. The type of party as well as the length of the party needs
to be planned according to the guest of honor. A slumber party that lasts for several hours may be
perfect for a teenager but highly inappropriate for a six year old. On the same note, an outgoing,
social child may respond well to many guests and loud entertainment, while a shy child may prefer a
small, intimate gathering.

2. Plan a budget
Planning a budget can help you be better organized and will let you know what birthday party
options are you able to afford. Consider your total and stick with it. There is no need to worry if your
budget is low, there are plenty of fun and inexpensive ways to make a party entertaining. Don’t
spend a single penny until you have considered your budget. You still have to feed your family after
the party so plan accordingly. how much can you spend, how much do you want to spend?
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3 Decide the theme
Decide theme which interests your child. This is one of the crucial step of planning a birthday party.
Decoration and theme of decoration should be liked by your child. When planning your party be sure
to take into consideration what your theme is, strive to have every detail relate to your theme. This
will include invitation, decorations and food. Consider asking your guests to dress a certain way for